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—  Daughter & Student of Seminar

"June 2017 Angelo fell and hit his head. As a result, he incurred fluid buildup in the brain - this is what the CAT-Scans showed. The doctor drained the fluid from the brain and Angelo was diagnosed with the early onset of dementia. The doctor said the dementia would most likely increase because of the fluid buildup and the medical procedure they had to do. The healing and recovery from surgery was about 6 months. Then in the fall of 2018, he joined the Sterling Heights Senior Center. They gave him the current newsletter of activities available. He spotted the brain class series Kathy offered and he signed up for it with his daughter Margie. Together they decided to put what they learned from the classes into action He never quit, always determined to reverse the process or at least keep it from developing and progressing any more.The summer of 2019, Angelo fell and was hospitalized because he hit his head again. The doctor did another CAT-Scan and compared it with the one from 2017. The doctor said, “What has he been doing, because his brain activity has increased and the dementia seems to have decreased since the last CAT-Scan in 2017?” 

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